Subject: bird id
Date: May 2 11:24:10 1995
From: Marilyn McCoy - mccoy at

Hi Tweeters,

I need help IDing a pair of birds that are hanging around my bird feeder.
Here's the description:

- greyish-blue hood extending down to bottom of neck
- black eyes
- lite pink beak, shaped like a Grosbeak's beak
- reddish back with brown upperwings
- white breast, surrounded by red
- 5-6"
- white outer tail feathers

- less colorful, more grey

- eats only from the ground
- flicks tail downward giving a flash of white
- hangs around in the artic-blue willows
- soft trill

The closest guess I could come up with is Dark-eyed (Oregon) Juncos, but I've
never heard of them here (I live in Moscow, ID on the edge of a wheat field).
Anybody have any clues?

Saw my first pair of American Goldfinches at my birdfeeder on 4-29-95, and my
first Rufous Hummingbird on 4-24-95. And on my running path in Pullman, WA,
there is a Great-horned Owl's nest with 1 fuzzy white (but large) owlet? (and
mom, of course).