Subject: Re: Trip to Washington
Date: May 2 17:59:42 1995
From: Scott Ray - scray at


The Delorme atlas can be purchased at any bookstore and most larger truck
stops and a few large gas stations and even some grocery stores. If you
come south at Oroville, check "Princes's", a large store a few blocks north
of downtown Oroville. They should have the atlas for sale.

Scott Ray
Yakima, WA

>I'm planning a trip through NE Washington for the third week of May. We
>plan to
>come south at either Osoyoos/Oroville or Grand Forks/Danville and spend
>three or four nights camping (tent) working our way back to Seattle/Bellingham.
>Any tips on places to visit would be most welcome. In particular, I'm on
>the lookout for Thrasher, owls and sparrows.
>This may sound dumb, but what is Washington Delorme. It its what I think,
>where can I get a copy.
>Eric Greenwood
>Vancouver, B.C.
>egreenw at
Scott Ray
scray at
Yakima, WA