Subject: Seattle PEREGRINES...A Full Clutch--HATCHED!
Date: May 2 21:34:15 1995
From: Ellen Blackstone - vaccine at

Yo! Seattle Peregrine Falcon-Fanciers! The 3rd egg hatched at 8:42PM
tonight! --Regardless of their strange beginnings.... an egg laid during
a thunderstorm, with the 2nd egg following about 106 hours later... and
the 3rd following about 55 hours after that.... Whatever the schedule of
this Peregrine pair, they should be on track now!

The first egg hatched at about 2:30AM today; the second hatched at about
8:45AM; the third at 8:42PM tonight. Female Bell(e) is just learning to
feed the chicks (struggling a bit, we hear tell...), and both adults are
hunting. With the vast experience of the male, Stewart, (stalwart
"father" from the Peregrine family of '94), this family should do quite
well. We'll see what happens!

Catch them on the monitor at the WAMU Tower at 1201-3rd Avenue, night and
day. A Falcon Research Group person will be talking about the birds on
WEDNESDAY, at noon, at the monitor. (Saturday Noon, too.)
Note: There's a t-shirt available if you order soon. Please email your
request to vaccine at, send a check for $15 made out to FRG to
the address below. Please call if you have questions.

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