Subject: Re: A gull eats pigeon story
Date: May 3 08:17:57 1995
From: Jon Anderson - anderjda at

Fred & Nancy,

Gulls eating pigeons apparently isn't *too* rare. Last Thursday, 27
April, I was walking downtown from the Nat Resources Bldg in Olympia when
I heard a flutter of wings overhead.

A rock dove was falling from a Puget Power pole where it had apparently
touched a wire and completed a circuit. When I got to it, it was having
a bad case of the DTs, but had no obvious burns etc. A passerby and I
watched it for about 5 minutes, and the tremors slowed but didn't stop.
I placed the bird under a nearby shrub to recover, if it would, and
resumed my walk.

I had gone a block when I heard the cry of the dreaded Glaucous-winged (GW X
Western?) behind me. Two gulls had spotted the pigeon and landed on the
sidewalk. One ran under the bush, pulled the hapless dove out into the open,
and both began Hammering the smaller bird with their heavy beaks. By the
time I'd returned, the pigeon was dead (from the electric shock or from
the gulls?), so I left it and continued on my way. The gulls immediately
returned, and the pigeon was gone when I returned a half-hour later.

This brings to three the number of pigeon-eating birds I've seen in cities,
along with the 'expected' peregrines and merlins.

Jon. Anderson
Olympia, WA
anderjda at