Subject: Re: A gull eats pigeon story
Date: May 3 19:44:10 1995
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

>From Russell Rogers, Seattle WA, rrogers at

I was lucky enough to spend an entire fall season at Cape May in 1988.
One of the more interesting things I witnessed there was at dawn, you
could go to the bunker and watch the land birds that were migrating over
the ocean make a mad dash for the safety of land. Between the birds and
the land that they sought was a "Maginot Line" of gulls waiting to force
the birds into the water and then, as they say "the rest is history". Not
only were the small land birds eaten, but bigger things like Flickers and
Sharp-shinned Hawks were eaten often. The largest kill that I saw was two
Cooper's Hawk. The hawks of course were not night migrants, but when they
would get out low, over the water, they were usually domed.