Subject: Raymond to Bowerman Basin
Date: May 04 09:00:00 1995
From: Tracee Geernaert - Tracee at


I spent the day(yesterday) on the loop between Raymond and Bowerman Basin
with great success. Raymond Airport though Kiteless did sport a 1st year
Glaucous Gull all by his/her lonesome (as far as other gulls go) in a field
of cows. The airport runway was being watched over by a Rough-legged Hawk.
This is pretty late for this bird is it not? There was no question it was a
Rough-legged. The bird had a very pale head, the dark belly band, white tail
base and the black wrist marks when it flew.
Six Turkey Vultures also soared on by the airstrip.

The tide was still out when we hit Tokeand so the shorebirds were the black
spot variety on the horizon (probably Ruffs or Stints?). There were some
Cackling Canada Geese and 4 White-fronted Geese where the North River
empties into the bay. Bottle Beach was great (lunch in the sun and lots of
shorebirds with hardly any squinting). The Western Sandpipers and Dunlin
numbered in the thousands, and the Short-billed Dowitchers in the hundreds.
I'm terrible at guessing bodies but there were probably a hundred or so
Red Knot and Black-bellied Plovers, 6 Ruddy Turnstone, 1 Black Turnstone,
several Semipalmated Plovers, 8 Whimbrel, and 10 or so Sanderling. Better
variety than I saw last year.

Bowerman Basin had the same species minus the Sanderling, Black Turnstone,
Wimbrel but with the addition of that gooey mud. The Semipalmated Plover
were numbering in the thousands at Bowerman unlike Bottle Beach. Caspian
Terns were flying by constantly and 6 were resting at the water line. A
Peregine did a fly-by and lowered the Western Sandpiper population by one.
All in all a great day!

Tracee Geernaert
tracee at