Subject: ESA ?'s
Date: May 07 15:40:46 1995
From: MBEB1215 at - MBEB1215 at

I have been thinking a lot about the successes of the

Endangered Species Act lately. Specifically, I've wondered what

the overall impact of the ban on DDT is.

What might be a good source of information about the

comeback of such species as the Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, and

Brown Pelican? Are there any widely accepted predictions of the

status of those species had DDT not been banned? Any good sources

on the ESA in general?

I'd like to be able to discuss these topics accurately,

armed with solid facts. I'm sure I know people who love wildlife,

yet are succeptable to the Republican concept of "balance".

It seems to me that we can all go to the grocery store and

find reasonably priced food, grown without DDT. A trip to the

lumber yard yields plenty of building materials. A visit to the

stationer finds plenty of paper, without increasing the level of

logging on federal land. Is a lack of demand having an impact on

timber jobs? Am I way off base here?

Any input is appreciated.

Michael Brown

Puyallup, WA

MBEB1215 at