Subject: Re: ESA ?'s
Date: May 8 09:50:20 1995
From: "Roger Peffer" - rpeffer at

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> On Sun, 7 May 1995 MBEB1215 at wrote:
> > I have been thinking a lot about the successes of the
> Endangered Species Act lately. Specifically, I've wondered what
> the overall impact of the ban on DDT is.
> Someone help me here... I thought that DDT had been banned by Executive
> Order (during the Nixon administration?) and was *not* a result of the ESA.
But isn't DDT still made by U.S. Chemical companies and sent to third world
countries who use it on all sorts of food crops that are then shipped back to
the U.S.? What affect does this have on neo-tropical migrants?
Could someone fill us in on this?

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