Subject: RE: Nesting sites
Date: May 09 15:24:00 1995
From: "Michelsen, Teresa" - TEMI461 at

Jon wrote:
>I would be extremely surprised to find either one of these species actually

>nesting in the reeds (assume _Juncus_, not _Phragmites_) of a marsh.

I was too. They may not have been actually nesting there - I didn't see a
nest - that's why I said "apparently". The odd thing was, they weren't
going anywhere near the boardwalk (which is the only structure in sight),
and they weren't using the nesting holes in the snag (which I wouldn't
expect), so I couldn't figure out where they were nesting. They kept
swooping down to a particular spot in the reeds and staying there, then
coming out again and flying over. The spot was hidden by tall reeds, so
there was no way to see what they were so interested in there. Maybe they
were feeding on something?? Over near the SW boardwalk, they seemed to be
coming out from under the boardwalk. This also surprised me because it
seems quite close to the water. So I never did figure out where any of them
were actually nesting, unlike the other birds I was watching. - Teresa