Subject: Re: wenas flowers
Date: May 10 10:44:25 1995
From: grant hendrickson - ghendric at


I'm not an authority, but I have a good book on the subject: Wayside
Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest by Dee Strickler, formerly of
Washington State University. It is a great book!

On page 139 he has a great photo that matches your description. He writes:


"Quite the largest and one of the prettiest of the clovers, the elegant
flower heads expand about 2 inches in diameter. The pinkish white to
rose-red blooms crown branch ends... Five to seven leaflets (Sounds like
Lupine) make up a leaf, which is unusual for a clover. HABITAT: Dry
sagebrush plains to high gravelly ridge rops and scattered ponderosa pine
forest. RANGE: East slope of the Cascades in Washington to Idaho and

The book is available at major outlets and at the Portland Audubon
Society Store. Also REI and other outdoor specialty stores.

On Tue, 9 May 1995, Judith G. Noble wrote:

> While hiking umptanum ridge we saw wildflowers which looked like
> large (2") clover flowers--white with pink--and leaves more similar to
> lupine. couldn't find in any of my books. Anyone out there know
> what they are? also looking for good book for flowers of that
> area. thanks