Subject: Re: Hummingbird feeder question
Date: May 10 10:44:46 1995
From: Ted Becker - tbecker at

On Wed, 10 May 1995, Deborah Hopkinson wrote:

> I saw my first hummingbird of the year the other day -- right at eye level
> while I was working in the garden. And last night one was in the midst
> of our quince bush.
> However, we have forgotten how to make the formula used to fill the
> feeders. Could someone send it to me please?

1 part granulated sugar to 4 parts water by volume, doesn't need to be
real exact. Some sources recommend heating or boiling the solution to
kill bacteria, fungii, etc. that will cause the solution to spoil.

Inside my cupboard door where the sugar is stored is a slip of paper with
the formula, the capacity of the three feeders I own and the quantity of
sugar for each. I mix it right in the feeder jar.

Red food coloring is not recommended. Although I will use it for one filing
of a feeder when I put it in a new location if the birds have not
discovered it.

After being gone for 8 months over the winter, the hummers at my place
come back and hover around where the feeder hung last year and scold me
for not having it out on time.