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The TWEETERS Welcome Message:



Welcome to tweeters, the Northwest birders email ListProsessor serving
Washington State, and parts of Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia to date.
Tweeters was founded by Dan Victor of the Washington Ornithological
Society and Seattle Audubon. The ListProcessor was added in March of 1994
with the help of Steve Hallstrom who served as list owner for the first

What is Tweeters? Tweeters started around the end of 1992 with three
people in the UW library sharing messages about bird sightings. From this
informal beginning it has spread around the state, the NW and into B.C.

This group of birders is a diverse mix. Some are expert birders, some
like myself are in the intermediate variety, some beginners, and others have
just expressed an interest.

Everyone should feel free to send a message. Unique field trip reports,
interesting sightings, unusual bird anecdotes, questions for the experts, etc.

To see more about tweeters point your World Wide Web browser to:

To subscribe send the following message text to:
listproc at

sub tweeters John Doe

where you replace John Doe with your name

Do not enter your email address. The listprocessor will read where the
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To post messages to tweeters send them to:

tweeters at

Please *SIGN* your messages within the text of the message giving your name,
geographic location, and email address. Several email programs strip the
headers so that one can not tell where the message is coming from. Also,
it is interesting to see the geographic areas from which messages are
posted. Your emailer may have a signature feature you could use or
perhaps you could import a signature file at the end of your message.


Dan Victor, Seattle, WA <dvictor at>

or perhaps:

Dan Victor
Seattle, WA
dvictor at

The Listprocessor now automatically removes subscribers if messages
bounce back to it. Should your provider be down for weekend repair this
could happen to you. Another cause could be a change in how your email
address appears. In either case, if you find you are no longer receiving
tweeters mail, please resubscribe.

Here are some ListProcessor commands. Send them to:

>>> listproc at

send these commands as text in the message, no subject needed

rec tweeters [sends a list of subscribers + email addresses]

index tweeters [Sends you a list of archived messages]

help [sends list of ListProcessor help files. There is
useful information here about searching tweeters

get tweeters manual [sends a user guide on using the ListProcessor]

get tweeters lifelist [One of the archived files is the lifelist,
a list of North American birds you can adapt
for your own needs. This was created by

get tweeters samlist [This is the lifelist in the Sibley-Ahlquist-Monroe
classification derived from DNA-DNA hybridization.
Edited by Hal Opperman <halop at>]

get tweeters eurolist [This is a list of European Species - created by

get tweeters austlist [A list of Australian Species - created by

get tweeters japanlist [A list of Japanese Species - created by

get tweeters tweeters.log#### [Sends you a particular archive file;
log9407 would be all messages posted
in July of 1994]

set tweeters mail ack [Copies of your postings are returned to

set tweeters mail noack [The default setting. No copies of your
postings returned to you]

set tweeters mail digest [Reduces the number of messages you
receive by about 4 times and
sends them to you as a group message]
(If your [e-mail provider] charges you per
message, you may want to set this option)

set tweeters mail postpone [Stops tweeters mail while you are on
*vacation*. You can start up the mail
again by sending: (the command below)]

set tweeters mail noack [Reverses the above]

uns tweeters [Unsubscribe or removes you from the list]

Thanks and enjoy the list,

Dan Victor, Seattle, WA <dvictor at>