Subject: info on Project Tanager
Date: May 28 21:08:49 1995
From: Anna Coles - acoles at

In response to Mike Smith's request for more information about Project
Tanager, and for anyone who might want to find out more for him- or
herself, here is some information from the 1995 Project Tanager
Instruction Booklet, from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology:

The initiators of Project Tanager state their aim in the form of a
question and restate their goal as a hypthesis. The question is, "Does
forest fragmentation reduce the chances that these birds will breed
successfully?" The hypothesis is, "Tanagers are more likely to breed
successfully in large patches of forest than in small ones." The
organizers ask volunteers across the country (continent?) to go out into
the field to try to find out where tanagers do try to breed and if they
are successful.

The Instruction Booklet says nothing about how the data collected by the
volunteeers will be analyzed by the lab. Here are some contacts for
anyone with further questions about Project Tanager:

to sign up: Lynda Field phone: 607 254-2446; fax: 607 254-2415
(deadline for first site visit: 30 June 1995)
to ask about methods: Shari Gregory, phone (?) 607 254-2419 or
Jim Lowe, phone (?) 607 254-2413; email: tanager at

This year, we were also asked to contribute $15 to Cornell Lab of
Ornithology to participate; I don't think it's required--we haven't sent
in our contribution yet (but plan to) but we still got our 1995 info and
have heard nothing about the money. Something I didn't realize till
recently is that the Cornell Lab of O. is not a department of Cornell
University; I think it may have some kind of affiliation with the
university, but I don't know what.
I hope this information is enough for anyone wondering about Project
Tanager. I have enjoyed and appreciate all the posts to tweeters on the
subject of volunteers participating in scientific studies.
--Anna Coles, Seattle (acoles at and Port Orchard
(acoles at; weekends only)