Subject: Breeding Bird Atlas long weekend report
Date: May 30 09:03:01 1995
From: Eugene Hunn - hunn at


Speaking of amateur bird data collectors, we had a major effort underway
this past three day weekend to close some of the larger gaps in our Atlas
coverage for King County, which we hope to wrap up by summer's end and
publish. Stay tuned.

Me, Hal Opperman, JoLynn Edwards, Julie Krick, David Swayne, and Kevin
Aanerus (1, 2, or 3 days each), armed with Weyerhauser and Seattle Water
Department keys, invaded the North Fork Snoqualmie and Tolt River areas
normally off limits to public access. We censused in 14 quads (each 9
square miles, a quarter township). Eight had not be touched before.
Several of the better blocks are now in th 40-50+ total species range,
though confirmed nestings still run about 10% of the total reported. Hal
& JoLynn confirmed a nesting pair of Western Bluebirds on a clearcut in
T26N, R08E, SE on the South Fork of the Tolt River and I and David had a
male Western and a male Mountain Bluebird on a new clearcut just below the
Tolt Reservoir dam. Hal & JoLynn spotted a female Harlequin Duck at the
South Fork Tolt River bridge just below the reservoir. No loons on the
reservoir, however. All told we recorded 79 species on these blocks,
including large numbers of many land birds, including eight warbler
species, three vireos (no Red-eyed Vireos yet), five species of
flycatchers (lots of Willows on territory by this weekend), four of
thrushes (not counting the bluebirds) and several recently hatched broods
of Ruffed Grouse and lots of baby Hairy Woodpeckers yammering from their

All together a fine weekend. One more weekend up the North Fork should
do that area reasonably well, with the next huge gap to fill on the upper
Green River. Volunteers may indicate their availability to me at
hunn at or at 524-8112.

Good birding, ya'all.

Gene Hunn.