Subject: re: warbler ID
Date: May 30 09:21:38 1995
From: Dick Cannings - cannings at

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Dennis Paulson wrote:

> The best tapes in my opinion are those produced for British Columbia birds,
> a series of 3 tapes that include the majority of BC breeding
> birds--excellent quality and our Northwest (Southwest) dialects. I think
> there is a misidentified Empidonax or two, but now I've forgotten the
> details (help, Dick).
The tapes in question are produced by Ken Hall and Peter Ward, and are
available through Ken; call (604)822-6474 (work) or 228-0264 (home).
They are very good, with long cuts of most species and all recorded in BC
and WA. There are a couple of mistakes; the Dusky Flycatcher is actually
a wierd Least (che-bec tseet; che-bec tseet, etc), and the "Chukar" is
the "kow" call of a California Quail. Those are both on the Dry Interior
tape, the other two tapes are one of coastal forests and estuaries and
another of birds not on the first two. I don't have them with me so
can't give you the details on titles and production.

I just got a CD from the Canadian Wildlife Service for use in practising
up for BBS routes in southern BC and was disappointed to find Baltimore
Orioles, eastern Pine Grosbeaks and eastern White-breasted Nuthatches on
it. The latter especially would cause unnecessary confusion for some
potential surveyors.


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