Subject: Re: unsubscribe /digest mode/ Web mail
Date: May 30 14:22:18 1995
From: Dan Victor - dvictor at

On Mon, 29 May 1995 BillOtter at wrote:

> I am finding that the volume of mail exceeds my ability to keep up with it
> and am wanting to unsubscribe but do not know the procedure. Will you please
> help me. Thanks

Hi Tweets,

Bill, I've just removed you from tweeters. Here's a few options for you
and others receiving tooo much mail.

To: listproc at send only the following text (no name)

uns tweeters

For those you you wanting just one large message per day send the
following to: listproc at

set tweeters mail digest

Another place to read tweeters mail is our Web site where digest messages
are stored. Point your Web browser to:


Hope this helps, --Dan

Dan Victor, Seattle, WA <dvictor at>
tweeters =