Subject: Re: On the loose!
Date: May 30 14:58:20 1995
From: Russell Rogers - rrogers

>From Russell Rogers, Seattle WA, rrogers at

About a week ago, I saw a bright, sky blue bird fly past my window. I was
sure that I had just added Mountain Bluebird to my window list. I raced
out the back door to try and track the bird down. Perched on the fence in
back blue Bugerigar, looking somewhat terrified at life on the outside.

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Christopher Hill wrote:

> I was shocked into major swerving and traffic dodging while cycling near
> the Ballard Bridge yesterday evening. A circling display flight, loud
> calls, two medium sized birds with long tapered tails, what could they
> be? Some wierd dove, cuckoo, ani, raptor...? Nope, a pair of
> cockatiels. I caught up to them at Leary way and about 17th NW. Just
> another urban birding day...
> Chris Hill
> Seattle, WA
> cehill at