Subject: Re: Big day at Wenas
Date: May 30 17:05:53 1995
From: Ted Becker - tbecker at

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Barry Levine wrote:

> Ted,
> Great reporting. I'm on my way on Saturday and it seems like it should be
> fabulous. Is the white headed woodpecker still being seen in the
> campground? That and any other information that would make a Wenas Creek
> experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Barry Levine
> levineb at

I assume you are familiar with the layout of the campground. If you take
the road that goes up the bank, away from the creek, near the "Larrison
tree" at the top on the right is a group of four to six pine trees
roughly in a rectangle. The woodpecker hole is northeastern corner of
the group, the hole is about 3' from the ground facing roughly south.
The trees were wrapped with "crime scene tape" while I was there.

Try to get a map of the area from someone.

Along the road west of the fence west of the campgrounds about the
midpoint of campground is the Calliope Hummer spot look for a nearly bare
aspen or birch tree about 20' tall between the road an the fence.
Cassin's Finches were thick along there. Near the north end of the camp,
part way up hog ranch ridge there was a reproted T.Solitare(sp) or was it a
Solitary Veerio. Lazuli Buntings up on the ridge, Red Crossbill up on
the ridge.

Just after you turn onto Audubon road watch the fence between the road
and pasture to the west, various sparrows and the E.Kingbird were there.
Check out the wet area of lower Hardy Canyon. Also a couple miles east
of the Wenas intersection on Umptanmum road there is a broad wet area
south of the road my Oriole was there and quite a few other birds.

If there any specific birds you are interested I will be glad to try to
tell you when and where I saw them.