Subject: WAMU Peregrine Family update
Date: May 31 21:22:48 1995
From: Ellen Blackstone - vaccine at

Just a quick update here. Life on the 56th floor of the Washington Mutual
Tower goes on apace.

Both adults are feeding the chicks/eyasses now. For the first two weeks,
Belle did that job entirely, though Stewart usually brought in the fresh
catches and Bell brought in mainly cached prey. Now, Stewart and Belle
are both hunting, and both are feeding the eyasses. The eyasses are very
aggressive in their feeding habits, often playing tug-of-war with their
parents and with their siblings. They pick at prey bits in the nestbox,
holding down the food and picking at it with their beaks.

Observers believe that all three eyasses have made forays out of the box
and down the ledge. They all climb back into the nestbox for the night,
snuggling together. Belle no longer broods them at night, though she is
usually nearby during that time.
The Calendar: they should fledge... fly out for their first time... about
June 13-17. The one male, or tiercel, will go sooner than its two female,
or falcon, siblings. Expect a wild time about then!
Call the Hotline, 517-7363, for more detailed information.
On national news today, we've heard tell of a Peregrine family nesting in
the Wall Street neighborhood in New York City. There are FIVE chicks on
that nest. The stock market rose about 50 points today... must be a
financial proverb here! Can any of you creative Tweeters figure it out?

Keep looking! Cheers--EB

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