Subject: WA BIRDBOX, November 28 to December 1 (about 8 AM)
Date: Dec 1 17:20:20 1998
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Saturday, 11-28, 5:05 PM. This is Bob Norton, Joyce, WA, (360) 928-3053.
Yesterday while birding out near Neah Bay, Russell Payson and I had one BROWN
PELICAN at Seal and Sail Rocks which is just before Neah Bay and we had one
PALM WARBLER at the old Fish Docks in Neah Bay. Thank you.

Saturday, 11-28, 5:33 PM. Hello this is Scott Atkinson with a few more birds
to report from Clallam County today. Close to dawn this morning I had a BROWN
PELICAN off the public beach access at Graysmarsh just north of Sequim far out
through a telescope. I also heard second hand that 2 BROWN PELICANS were seen
off the Dungeness Spit on the 26th apparently by the Fish and Wildlife people
out near the tip. Also, the EMPEROR GOOSE was back today at the Olympic Game
Farm. It was on the field immediately south of the public parking area in a
large flock of CANADA GEESE there. And, lastly, I had a HARLAN'S type RED-
TAILED HAWK along Highway 101 just east of Blyn. That's all.

Saturday, 11-28, 8:27 PM. Hi, this is Stephen Mlodinow. Today Jim Flynn, Sam
Terry and I birded Whidbey Island and then went out to the Samish Flats late
in the afternoon. We had 107 species, the highlight of which was, actually,
Bill Tweit's CHIPPING SPARROW, north and east of Bayview following his
directions left on Tuesday's tape. There was also 2 SLATE-COLORED JUNCOS in
that flock. Other highlights included an unidentified GOLDEN PLOVER at
Alice[?] Bay in among the BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS. We also had a ROCK SANDPIPER
on the mussel platforms in Penn Cove. Also, there were 405 BLACK TURNSTONES,
15 SURFBIRDS and several hundred DUNLIN. And that's about it. Lots and lots of
birds. That was it for the unusual species and good luck and good birding.

Sunday, 11-29, 10:15 AM. This is Stephanie Maffiny[?] and at my bird feeder
in the Mount Baker area of Seattle yesterday I saw both a female YELLOW-HEADED
BLACKBIRD and a SCRUB JAY. It was quite an amazing thing. Thanks.

Sunday, 11-29, 4:07 PM. Hi, my name is Kate Twister[?] and I'm not sure of my
sighting, in fact I'd like someone to come take a look. It looks for all the
world like it's a NATIVE DOVE from the Caribbean. I'm trying to convince
myself that it's a MOURNING DOVE BUT I'm not seeing enough tail. If someone
wants to come help me out, it's at 1744 Northeast 62nd in Seattle right across
the street from Ravena Park. It's been in the cherry tree in the back yard all
day and you're welcome to come take a look. I'd appreciate it.

Sunday, 11-29, 6:20 PM. Hi, this is Stephen Mlodinow. Today Dennis Duffy, Jim
Flynn, Steve Pink and I went along the Olympic Peninsula and at John Wayne
Marina, actually out in the salt water, we had a YELLOW-BILLED LOON. The
EMPEROR GOOSE was across the street from the Game Farm near Dungeness and the
3 Crabs and at the 3 Crabs Pond we had an AMERICAN BITTERN. Across the street
from the pond Nigel Ball earlier in the day had a CHIPPING SPARROW. At Ediz
Hook we had a BROWN PELICAN. And I think that's about it. Good luck and good

Sunday, 11-29, 8:00 PM. Hello, this is Dave Beaudette (206) 365-2083. Today,
November the 29th, I checked out the large gathering of GULLS at the south end
of the Foster Golf Course and City of Tukwila Maintenance Shop in Tukwila,
King County. There were well over 100 THAYER'S GULLS and over 20 HERRING GULLS
present. On the roof of the City of Tukwila's Maintenance Shop was an adult of
the of the Siberian race of HERRING GULL, VEGA. To find, from I-5 take exit
156, go south on Interurban then northeast on South 140th Street. Once on
140th Street go a few hundred feet and pull off on the gravel. The Maintenance
Shop is ahead and is the white metal building with the City of Tukwila sign.
The GULLS are on both sides of the roof as well as out on the golf course. You
may recall that last winter there was also a large gathering of GULLS here
that included both a GLAUCOUS and a GLAUCOUSxGLAUCOUS-WINGED hybrid. That's
all for now. Good luck. By.

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Monday, 11-30, 3:03 PM. Hi, this is Rob Conway (425) 641-0493. On Monday,
November 30, around noon at Gene Coulon Park in Renton at the south end of
Lake Washington there was a single CLARK'S GREBE working the edge of a flock
of approximately 100 COMMON MERGANSERS. This is at the southwest corner of the
park nearest the Boeing Plant. Additionally the 12 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE
previously reported are still in the park. There are several large floats of
WESTERN GREBES farther out in the water, approximately 400-500 yards that I
would have needed a scope to check for a CLARK'S.

Monday, 11-30, 8:53 PM. Hi, this is Steve Pink on a short visit to
Washington. Went to the Skagit today, Washington Park and got 2 ANCIENT
good luck.

Tuesday, 12-1, 7:01 AM. Hello this is Dave Beaudette (206) 365-2083 on
November the 30th I walked along the Green River Trail in Kent north of West
Beaker Street in King County. A single VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW was flying along
the Green River adjacent to the Riverbed Golf Course and in that area was an
ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER in vegetation along the river and high overhead about
half a mile north of the golf course was a V of 52 calling TUNDRA SWANS.
That's all for now. By.