Subject: Longevity of birds
Date: Dec 02 22:32:54 1998
From: Eugene Kridler - ekridler at

There are a number of uses made by banding of birds other than migration
patterns, sexes, ages, etc. On of those is establishing possible
longevity records. Klimkiewicz, Clapp, Futcher and Kennard published a
series of papers about this in the Journal of Field Ornithology. Some of
the many records are as follows: Evening Grosbeak l5 years 3 months,
House Finch ll years and 7 months and the Purple Finch ll years 9
months, Brown-headed Cowbird l5 years l0 months. Red-winged Blackbird l5
years 9 months, Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco 9 years 9 months, White-crowned
(Gambel's)Sparrow l3 years 4 months, Song Sparrow ll years 4 months,
Rufous-sided(Spotted)Towhee l0 years 8 months, Yellow Warbler 8 years ll
months, Black-capped Chickadee l2 years 5 months, Stller's Jay l6 years
l month, Clark's Nutcracker l7 years 5 months, Tree Swallow ll years,
Hairy Woodpecker l5 years l0 months, Warbling Vireo l3 years l month,
American Robin l3 years ll months, Swainson's Thrush l0 years l month,
Rufous Hummingbird 4 years l month, Anna's Hummingbird 6 years 4 months,
Broad-tailed Huumingbird l2 years 2 months!, Barred Owl l8 years 2
months, Great-horned Owl 20 years 9 months. Some shorebird records:
Least Sandpiper l6 years!, Sanderling l3 years l month, Semipalmated
Sandpiper 12 years 2 months. Mourning Dove l9 years 4 months.
Glaucous-winged Gull 22 years 4 months, Ring-billed Gull 25 years 4
months, Black Brant 25 years 9 months. Canada Goose 24 years 4 months,
Trumpeter Swan 23 years l0 months, Great Blue Heron 23 years 3 months.
Some seabirds: Greater Frigatebird 30 years, Laysan Albatross 37 years 5
months, Black-footed Albatross 27 years 8 months. Since the Brown
Pelican has been the source of so many comments now l9 years 8 months.
Yours truly has the following longevity records for the species:
Bristle-thighed Curlew ll years 9 months (that's why I didn't drive to
the coast to see the bird recently), also banded a Gray-backed Tern that
was recovered l8 years later, or the Black Noddy 2l years 9 months later
or the Blue-gray Noddy recovered l4 years later or the Laysan Finch 6
years or Nihoa Millerbird 4 years 2 months. So when I retired I rested a
little on the oars. Gene Kridler