Subject: Re: Info on Garganey please
Date: Dec 05 07:19:43 1998
From: Mike Patterson - mpatters at

I have been asked by several folks on tweeters to provide more precise
directions to Brownsmead and the GARGANEY.

We found it in about the same place on 11/22 and 11/26. It was associated
with GREEN-WINGED TEAL and CINNAMON TEAL(5). We observed it for at least 30
minutes before it finally flew further down the road. We have heard that it
has been seen since then, but I don't know by whom. Identification of female
Garganey can be subtle in less than optimal light and it is possible to talk
one's self into calling a Green-winged Teal incorrectly without careful and
patient study.

>From hwy 30 at Knappa, turn north at the Logger Restaurant.
Turn right at the first road (may 50 m after the Logger Restaurant.) At about
2 miles, you'll come to a stop sign (right turn permitted without stopping.) Turn
right. This wet area is the often mentioned Ziak Refuge (and you still can't count
the Emperor Geese.) Stay on the main road for several more miles. At the big
bridge turn left. This is Barendse Rd. Somebody stole the sign. After another
couple of miles you'll come to Jackson Rd on the left. Within 100m of the turn,
on the north side of the road, will be the top half of a shed and an overturned
row boat. Look there first, but any of the flooded fields along Jackson Rd

Andy Stepniewski wrote:
> Mike,
> Could you provide up-to-date info on your Garganey east of Astoria? The
> hotline isn't too specific as to location. Any specific spots on Jackson
> Rd. etc? Does it move around?
> Time of day, when last seen. I was thinking of hitting Boiler Bay early am
> on Sunday (12/6), then cruising north to Astoria later on in the day for
> an attempt on the Garganey (that is, if the waterthrush is not relocated!).
> Any info would be much appreciated.
> By the way, if your interested in birding Sunday and want another birder
> along, we could meet somewhere. I would like to try for Short-tailed
> Shearwater off Boiler Bay in the morning, that seems to be the place folks
> talk about for offshore species on the n. Oregon coast. Is that right? Any
> chance of a puffin from shore anywhere in that area (or Cape Meares) at
> this time of year?
> Why these questions? Well, I got into a quasi serious Lower '48 Year
> listing scheme and these birds I'm still missing.
> Sincerely,
> Andy Stepniewski
> Wapato WA

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