Subject: Re: my two cents on CBC's
Date: Dec 07 14:30:33 1998
From: Don Baccus - dhogaza at

At 02:06 PM 12/7/98 -0800, Jerry Tangren wrote:
>Great discussion, think I'll jump in.
>1. Perhaps it's time for Audubon to turn the CBC over to
>another group, perhaps a new one dedicated to the CBC.
>Audubon is trying to be too many things. Let someone
>manage it who cares for more than money. They don't need
>to give up the name. It could still be called the Audubon CBC.
>They've sold their name out so many times, it probably doesn't
>mean much anymore anyhow.

Well...I'm curious as to what insider information you have
regarding Audubon, but that'll probably just start another

Collating and distributing the data does cost money, and
someone's got to pay for it. Before another group jumps up
and offers to do it for less money, maybe they should take
a look at costs. You're presuming this is a money-maker for
Audubon - I assume that's what you mean by suggesting NAS
only cares about money. Do you have proof of this assertion?

>The CBCs are being taken over at the state level here and there
>anyway, and we're losing the coordination.

What's the status of the web page for the CBC? Last year they
were talking about making it possible for all coordinators to
enter their data online, making it available immediately.

Eventually, this could be a real cost saver, because online
distribution is comparatively cheap, and is getting cheaper
every day.

But the development costs aren't particularly cheap. Personally,
I'm glad to see the money spent to drag the count into the
internet age, but I suppose others would prefer costs be kept
minimal, changes non-existent, and fees as low as possible
rather than improve service.

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