Subject: Re: Wild Turkeys/Skookumchuck WHMA
Date: Dec 07 15:54:21 1998
From: Don Baccus - dhogaza at

At 02:54 PM 12/7/98 -0800, Michael P Dossett wrote:
>Just a word of warning about this particular flock...
>The Austin ranch (they raise longhorns) is just down the road from the
>winery. They are very protective of "their" flock of turkeys. If you
>talk to them and explain to them that you are not a hunter and that you
>would just like to watch them they MAY let you onto their property. When
>I went one time, I got lucky and they even took me into their house to
>show me some videos they took of the turkeys that they feed all winter.
>I also told them about a hunter that I saw sneak in uncer the back fence
>whiole I was birding the property and the Weyerhauser land behind it.
>They are nice people, just might be a little suspicious of you at first.

>Its good to be on the good side of the landowners!

There's a wild turkey flock that hangs out near Bandon, Oregon and
the landowner there is pretty much the same. I talked to her for
awhile, and she let me "shoot" them (with my camera). She said that
during the fall she'd had problems with hunters. She and her
husband owned perhaps twenty acres, and were near woods, and came
to her place everyday where she'd feed them. She had a couple of
hunters drive up and go after them in her field across from the
house despite its being posted "no hunting" and despite their
obvious tameness.

Wild turkey are supposedly one of the most difficult birds to
hunt if they're not acclimated, and there's really no way a hunter's
going to NOT know that birds that let you walk up to them are used
to people and probably being fed by people.

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