Subject: Directions to Blackie Spit
Date: Dec 07 20:37:29 1998
From: Ken Klimko - kkalimo at

Had a couple of inquiries on how to get to Blackie Spit and thought
others may be interested in the following:

Sorry I can't lay my hands on a map right now (if one shows up in the
next hour I will try to refine the following directions)

Heading north through the Peace Arch border crossing you will be on
Hwy 99. Take the King George Highway exit (the 2nd, if I am not
mistaken) about ten minutes or less from the border. At the stop sign
turn left onto the King George, and pass over Hwy 99. You will also
cross over the Nicomekl River, Blackie Spit is at the mouth of the
Nicomekl where it reaches Boundary (Mud) Bay.

At the first set of traffic lights, turn right onto Crescent Drive or
Crescent Road, I can't remember exactly. After about 5 miles of this
scenic meandering drive, paralleling the Nickomekl, you will come to
your first stop sign. This is a 4-way stop. Proceed straight through
this intersection and continue downhill where you will cross a railway.
Take the first right branch (Sullivan). If you had gone straight you
would have reached Crescent Beach.

You should now be heading through a residential community. After a
couple of blocks you will arrive at another 4-way stop. Proceed
straight for one more block and turn right on McBride?

Keep going for a couple more blocks and you will enter a gravel parking
lot, go past the last building on the right and turn right and park (no
charge). There is a limestone path/road that ends at a pipe gate. Walk
through the pipe gate and continue in the same direction as the
path/road was pointing. Walk for a couple hundred yards to a land
projection where there are remaining timber piles crossing over Farmers
Slough. I last saw the Brambling (3:30pm) in the broom and shrubs along
the shore where there are Purple Martin boxes on the pilings. The
Brambling was also seen in the trees on this same land projection,
yesterday afternoon.

It was also related to me that the bird was on the opposite side of the
slough this morning.

My seventeen year old son, Kris, will also be out looking for the bird
in the morning....and afternoon if necessary.

Good Luck!!!