Subject: Re: Long-tailed duck, Northern Pikeminnow
Date: Dec 07 22:40:13 1998
From: sanjer at - sanjer at

Okey--stop pickin' on me. Kelly started this. ;-)

Kelly Mcallister wrote:

> I've read with amusement the rationale behind changing the vernacular
> for the Oldsquaw to Long-tailed Duck because of the offensive nature
> of the former.


> There is something about changing historically recognizeable
> names for political correctness that bothers me.

>Don Baccus wrote:

>If the change in name bothers you - use the bionomial or four-letter
>banding code.

Dah--being the uneducated birder that I am (really) I don't know what the
"bionomial or four-letter banding code is, in fact I don't think I have
ever seen a banded bird. What is the code anyway?

>Michael Price wrote:

>Huh? The original name *was* Long-tailed Duck, before it was 'Oldsquaw'?

Thanks for the history lesson. Very interesting and disturbing. I vote
for Long-tailed Duck.

Jerry (foot in mouth) Converse
Grand Coulee, WA