Subject: Owl identification
Date: Dec 09 12:23:56 1998
From: Jim Rosso - jrosso at

One of the identifications of a bird in my photo gallery has been
questioned. He thinks its a Long-earred Owl instead of a Short-earred Owl.
The site is the site for the
owl photo is

It was photographed in Minot North Dakota in a wide open prarie. Im am a
bit embarrassed to say that the group of people I was with never considered
the possbility of a Long-earred Owl. We just used the time of day that it
was feeding, (right at the end of dusk) and the habitat as clues that it
was a Short-earred.

So we are wondering what other people can make from this rather dark slide.
Does the color in the face move in to the Long-earred Owl identification?
Is there enough detail to tell?

Thanks for any help on this .

Jim Rosso
Jim Rosso
Issaquah, Washington
jrosso at