Subject: Follow-up of thread of bird/tower mortality
Date: Dec 11 18:39:53 1998
From: "Lorraine I. Potter" - 105570.1263 at

For those that may be interested, this is a follow-up from Diane MacRae's
post of 12/8/98 on the airing of a story of the problem of bird mortality
on communication towers. I was unable to get a positive time but I
understand it will be aired on KUOW/NPR on Sunday night between 9 - 10 p.m.
KUOW is 94.9 on your dial.

BUT, I was able to pull it up on the website
today. loe stands for Living on Earth and apparently is a weekly broadcast
on KUOW/NPR. It appears that it will at this website through next
Irene Potter, Tacoma
105570.1263 at