Subject: Columbia Gorge(Kliickitat Co.)highlights
Date: Dec 13 07:07:35 1998
From: "Ruth Sullivan" - godwit at

Hello Tweets,

Yesterday(Dec.12th)Vicki Biltz and my mother and I birded mainly Klickitat
Co., with a total of 76 species and rain to the Klicitat Co. line, then
cloudy skies, with partial clearing and isolated fog in places the
remainder of the day. We drove by Steigerwald NWR along Hwy.14 in Clark
Co., where one SNOW GOOSE was noted in a large flock of grazing Canada
Geese, then passing by Franz Lake in Skamania Co. up to 25 TUNDRA SWANS
were observed near the town of Skamania. Our next stop was made at Bingen
to try for the TUFTED DUCK at 10:30am, with NO LUCK, only to locate a
SPOTTED SANDPIPER and COMMON LOON. Further east, south of Old Hwy. 8 and
Balch Lake.Rd., up to 2 ACORN WOODPECKERS were viewed in scopes from Old
Hwy.8, just east of the eastern intersection of Balch Lk.Rd., as was one
MERLIN, and a CANYON WREN that was heard calling, then seen skulking in and
around farm equipment, then seen entering a barn through cracks under the
roof, near the equipment and residense, which is immediately west of the
eastern intersection of Balch Lk.Rd., and on the south side of Old Hwy.8.
Several LEWIS' WOODPECKERS and 15 WOOD DUICKS were noted at Balch Lk. At
the Klickitat River mouth in Lyle, 18 CANVASBACKS, 2 BALD EAGLES, and other
assorted waterfowl were observed. At the Tidyman Rd. "ponds" along Tidyman
Rd. near Dallesport good close looks were made at 2 PRAIRIE FALCONS, with
one that attempted to catch a Killdeer, from a moderate sized flock of 35
birds, only to drop it, then immediately claimed by a "HARLAN'S"RED-TAILED
HAWK as its own prey, so I believe the birds were young of this year. Up to
75 AM.PIPITS were also present at this location, as they fed along the pond
shores, then later flushed by all the excited of the hunting raptors, then
as we nearly drove off Vicki spotted a SAY'S PHOEBE, that flew across the
road from the north to a fence post along the easternmost pond, for my
first late fall-early winter sighting in WA. Our next and final major stop
was made at Maryhill SP, where passerine birding was the best of the day,
with highlights that included: 1 tan-stiped WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, 3
WARBLER with several Yellow-rumped Warblers also present. We made one final
attempt for the TUFTED DUCK at Bingen on our way home at 3:45pm, with still
NO LUCK, but the bird is probably still in the general area.

Good Birding,

Patrick Sullivan