Subject: Peregrine Falcon's Hunting at Night by Green House Lights Update .
Date: Dec 13 19:49:51 1998
From: Richard Swanston - Rickswan at

>From Richard Swanston Delta , B. C. Canada [ Boundary Bay ]
On Dec. 13 , 1998. At 64th Street and the Boundary Bay Dike Delta, B. C.
At 16:38 hours with a strong N. W. wind at 60 kms. With the sunset time
of 16:14 are
Peregrine Falcon's were again hunting birds over the Green House lights
at Houwelings
Nursery . There appeared to be a large amount of shore birds crossing
over the lights and the hunting was intense with several attack's in
short order . Falcons were low over the lights and the shorebirds
appeared to be hampered by the wind stalling out and making them
tempting targets. But the strong winds also prevented the Falcons from
eating in fight as is there normal habit . All the birds crossing over
the lights created confusion and I could not see a confirmed kill.
Although one attack saw a Falcon pursue
a bird into the darkness and nearby field at VERY close quarters. I'm
assuming a kill was made and the victim was eaten on the ground as the
falcon did not reappear I left the area at 17:00
Richard Just think after the habitat is gone House
Sparrows could be on the Rare Bird Alert . And we could cut down on all
the paperwork on the CBC .