Subject: RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR -- 12/11/98
Date: Dec 15 08:41:40 1998
From: "Dale Goble" - GOBLED at


* northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
* December 11, 1998
* IDWA9812.11

-birds mentioned

Eurasian Wigeon
Snow Goose
Cattle Egret
Glaucous Gull
Western Gull
Glaucous-winged Gull
Mew Gull
Barn Owl
Blue Jay
Swamp Sparrow
Purple Finch


HOTLINE: northern Idaho / eastern Washington /
northeastern Oregon
Date: December 11, 1998
Phone: (208) 882-6195
Compiler: Kas Dumroese
Transcriber: Dale Goble
gobled at

This is Kas Dumroese with the northern Idaho / eastern Washington /
northeastern Oregon bird hotline.

I'm going to start near Walla Walla, Washington and work clockwise...

A BLUE JAY was south of Dixie, Walla Walla County, Washington on
December 10, according to Mike and MerryLynn Denny. From US 12
in Dixie, head south on Biscuit Ridge Road 1.4 miles. Look for the
bird around the vine yard. WA DeLorme 41, CD-7.

A single SNOW GOOSE, rare for Walla Walla, was with 300 Canada
Geese on December 9. Call Mike Denny for details - 509-529-0080.

About 120 DUNLIN were at the Walla Walla River Delta in western
Walla Walla County Wa on December 11 according to the Dennys,
along with a single WESTERN GULL. The delta is just north of the
junction of US 12 and US 730. Use the pullout on the west side of US
12 across from the entrance to Madame Dorian Park. WA DeLorme 40,

Six CATTLE EGRETS were at the intersection of Dodd Road and US
12, three miles north of the delta, on December 8 according to the
Dennys. The birds were in the alfalfa field north of Dodd Road.
Today, December 11, 4 of those egrets were right in front of the
slaughter house, just a little farther east along Dodd Road. WA
DeLorme 40, CD-1.

Continuing north along US 12, a single SWAMP SPARROW was at
McNary NWR headquarters in western Walla Walla County,
Washington on December 5 according to the Dennys. The
headquarters are east of US 12 near Burbank. Take the nature trail
around the display pond. Look for the bird where the trail turns
nearest the blue center pivot. The bird responded to its spring song.
WA DeLorme 40, C-1.

and scads of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS were at Hood Park,
located at the junction of US 12 and Washington 124, just southeast of
Pasco, Washington on December 5. WA DeLorme 39, C-8.

The adult male PURPLE FINCH, residing on Bateman Island near
Richland, Benton County Washington since Oct 31 was seen on
December 5 by Craig Corder and Judy Stevens. From WA 240, take
the Columbia Drive exit, go to the right and find Wye Park. Walk
across the causeway and continue in the same northerly direction.
After 100 steps there's a garbage can, after 100 more there's a fork
in the trail you ignore, and another 400 steps brings you to some
feeders on the right in the trees. Bring some seed for the feeders.
WA DeLorme 39, C-6.

At Ice Harbor Dam, which is 6 miles east of the junction of US 12 and
Washington 124 in northwestern Walla Walla County, Mike and MerryLynn
saw a single adult MEW GULL on December 5 and a single WESTERN GULL
and 3 GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS on December 11. WA DeLorme 40, BC-1.

Detouring west, 2 EURASIAN WIGEONS were reported near Yakima,
Yakima County Washington by Denny Grandstand. The first bird was at
Toppenish NWR. The bird was along Toppenish Creek east of Washington
97. WA DeLorme 37, B-6. South of Yakima along the interstate, Denny
found a second EUWI on Middle Donald Pond. Donald is mostly a freeway
exit with a mini-mart about 10 miles south of Yakima. There are two
ponds north of the interstate, and one to the south.

Randy Hill estimates seeing 250-300 DUNLIN fly by him during one
hour on December 10, as he watched along Scooteney Reservoir in
northern Franklin County, Washington. The reservoir is southeast of
Othello along Washington 17. WA DeLorme 53, C-8.

A single adult MEW GULL was at the city beach in Coeur d'Alene,
Kootenai County, Idaho on December 5, according to Charles Swift, Tony
Wright and Shirley Sturts. It was keeping company with Ring- billeds,
Herrings, and Californias. The city beach is downtown on the north
end of the lake, right next to the CdA resort. ID DeLorme 60, B-1.5.

A probable GLAUCOUS GULL was at Fighting Creek Landfill, about 13
miles south of Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai County, Idaho on December 5,
according to Charles Swift.

There is at least one BARN OWL left on the nest on the Administration
Building of the University of Idaho in Moscow, Latah County, Idaho as
of December 9, according to Charles Swift.

And a BLUE JAY finally put in its appearance at Dale Goble's house in
North Moscow on Sunday, December 13.

I have dates for a few regional Christmas Bird Counts:
Moscow/Pullman, December 19, Dave Holick, 208-882-5556
Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick), December 19, Phil
Bartley, 509-783-5265 <bfufam at>
Yakima Valley, December 19, Denny Grandstand,
509-453-2500 <osprey at>
Toppenish NWR, December 20, Andy Stepniewski,
509-877-6639 <steppie at>
Walla Walla, December 19, Mike Denny, 509-529-0080
Two Rivers (Columbia and Walla Walla Rivers), January 3, Mike
Denny, 509-529-0080.
Grand Coulee, December 20, Jerry Converse, 509-633-0205
<sanjer at>
Lewiston (first year), Jan 3, Charles Swift, 208-883-0553
<charless at>

If you need any information about the sightings, give me a call at

Good birding.