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Date: Dec 15 12:16:22 1998
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I would think this would 'fairly' reliable. Yes--no?

jerry Converse
Grand Coulee, WA

Jane Westervelt wrote:

> I know we're way off topic here, but I'm jumping in anyway.
> Many of the statements that are being made about the Kennewick man
> appear to be based on information gathered from the popular press,
> and not on information gained through actual knowledge of the case.
> Not that I would expect anyone to be providing first hand knowledge,
> because most of the people involved firsthand are under a gag order
> due to the case being in legislation. Some of the opinions appear to
> be coming from people with a very limited knowledge of anthropology,
> something that has also been a problem in the Kennewick Man case.
> There is definitely controversy over this, which may be more the
> result of how the find was handled and not a conflict between tribes
> and physical anthropologists and archaeologists. There are plenty of
> situations where burials are found, reported, and returned to the
> Native Americans in accordance with NAGPRA (Native American Graves
> Protection and Repatriation Act), and there is no reason why this
> case could not have been handled the same way.
> Before I get too long-winded, my point is that everyone needs to be
> careful about believing verbatim what they see and hear in the
> popular media. The Army Corps of Engineers, the tribes, and the physical
> anthropologists & archaeologists are not the "bad guys", and they
> aren't to blame, although it can be easy to do so when reading some of
> the articles that have appeared in newspapers and on the web. Much
> like the story in an Oregon paper a few months back about Peregrine
> Falcons that featured a photo of a Prairie Falcon, the popular media
> is full of errors. Keep in mind that most reporters, faced with
> reporting on a large variety of subjects, often have very little
> training in the subject matter they are reporting on.
> jw
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