Subject: Columbia Hills Early Winter Raptor Survey Results
Date: Dec 15 15:58:15 1998
From: Alan Richards & Ann Musche' - mrm at WILLAPABAY.ORG


Fwd'd to you from a non-subscriber, Bob Hansen, a birder from Salem, Oregon.
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>Subject: Columbia Hills Early Winter Raptor Survey Results
>On Saturday, December 12th, the Columbia Gorge Audubon Society, with
>participation by volunteers from Hawkwatch International, conducted a raptor
>survey of the Columbia Hills, Washington. Thirteen species with a total of
>278 individual raptors were observed. The Columbia Hills is a significant
>raptor habitat bounded on the south by the Columbia River, on the west by
>the community of Lyle, on the north by the Klickitat Valley and on the east
>by Rock Creek. The area is approximately 50 miles long and 3 1/2 miles wide,
>with elevation differential of 3,000 feet.
>Bald Eagle 4 (3 adults 1 immature)
>Nothern Harrier 57
>Sharp-shinned Hawk 2
>Cooper's Hawk 2
>Red-tailed Hawk 101
>Rough-legged Hawk 24
>Ferruginous Hawk 1
>Golden Eagle 6
>American Kestral 58
>Merlin 1
>Prairie Falcon 7
>Peregrine Falcon 3
>accipiter, sp. 1
>buteo, sp. 6
>large falcon, sp. 1
>hawk, sp. 3
>Burrowing Owl 1
>Total 278
>Count coordinator was Stuart Johnston, 509.493.3363 Extension 15
>For more information via e-mail, contact Dennis White, Columbia Gorge
>Audubon Society Washington Conservation Chair at oakridge at