Subject: Re: South Idaho Bird Alert Dec. 13, 1998
Date: Dec 18 11:49:05 1998
From: Deb Beutler - dbeutler at

At 10:09 PM 12/17/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Thanks to Deb Beutler for offering these hints on voices:

Actually, I just forward the South Idaho Bird Alert to Tweeters from
Birdwest. Dr. Charles Trost, professor at Idaho State University runs the
RBA and Diane Gettinger transcribes it and sends it to Birdwest. Because
she isn't subscribed to Tweeters or OBOL, I forward the report to both list.
Therefore, the hints come from Charles Trost, not me.

>> this flock of LARKS. LONGSPURS can be easily separated from H. LARKS by
>> sound. Thier flight call is short, rapid and sounds like B-R-R-T. However,
>> SNOW BUNTINGS make a somewhat similar call, but it is more musical and drawn
>> out (they can be confused unless ou have experience with them). Listen for
>> calls when a flock takes flight. A smaller flock of 50-60 HORNED LARKS was
>Now: How do I tell the difference between Horned Lark and American Pipit as
>they fly high overhead calling, sometimes visible and sometimes not?

Darned if I know!

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