Subject: SNOWY OWL - Renton, Update
Date: Dec 18 13:03:34 1998
From: "Rob Conway" - robin_birder at

I checked for the SNOWY OWL that was at the NE corner of Renton Airport
this morning at 12:00 noon. I could not relocate the bird. I did see
other birders with binoc's and a scope at Coulon Park and I think they
saw me (I had the Santa hat on) as I was checking near the airport from
Boeing property.

I asked some of my folks who work at the field and they indicated that
the bird was there yesterday, but had moved to the south end of the
field this morning around 10:00 - I checked there with no luck. Keep
your eyes open if you're in this area or south in the Kent Valley (who
knows - maybe Thais will get a SNOWY for her CBC!!). I'll post any
updates I get to Tweeters.

Rob Conway
Bellevue, WA

robin_birder at

>This morning at 7:45 there was a SNOWY OWL at Renton Field (airport)
>at the north end , east corner, near the outflow of the Cedar River
>into Lake Washington. THERE IS NO PUBLIC ACCESS TO THIS AREA. >Boeing
employees - with badges, who know where they are going, and >who take
the proper safety precautions - may be able to view the bird >from the
back of the paint hangar at the NW corner of the Renton >Plant (my
observation point). For the general public it may be worth >checking
Coulon Park which is a continuation of the open grassy/shore >area just
to the east. I will attempt to relocate the bird during my >lunch hour
and will post an update.
>Rob Conway
>Bellevue, WA
>robin_birder at

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