Subject: Re: Sequim news: Emperor Goose
Date: Dec 18 21:39:27 1998
From: Don Baccus - dhogaza at

At 09:49 PM 12/18/98 -0800, osprey at wrote:

>I saw several ostriches in a "big enclosure" south of Yakima the other day.
>Can I count them, too? This Emperor Goose sounds suspiciously like a kept
>bird. But I am sure that has been well investigated.

Hasn't this bird been seen outside the enclosure, too?

Emperor geese, when they show up, often hang out in an area all
winter. I have photos on my site of one taken at Crescent City
that did so, as far as I know. There was one on the Sandy River
last? two? winters ago that hung out for a long time with other

I mean, it's a goose. Given grass to munch on and other geese
to hang out with on *their* wintering grounds, why would it want
to leave? It's in goose heaven!

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