Subject: Emperor Goose
Date: Dec 19 08:13:27 1998
From: B&P Bell - bellasoc at

Good Morning Tweets -

Don Baccus has a good point about Emperor Geese tending to hang around
all winter. In 1988 there was an Emperor Goose which hung around the
Alameda South Shore (east side of San Francisco Bay in the city of
Alameda) all winter. That particular bird was extremely cooperative and
was seen, and photographed by I don't know how many folks. Come spring,
it disappeared.

Earlier reports on Tweeters have placed the Sequim bird in a number of
locations, although most have been in the vicinity of the Olympic Game
Farm. But most definetly not all within an enclosure.

Well, time to go have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow.

Good Birding.

Brian H. Bell
Woodinville Wa
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