Subject: Re: thayer birding software
Date: Dec 21 15:44:36 1998
From: Roger Olstad - rolstad at

They should have asked for Bird Brain, which is an excellent data base for
the Mac owners among us. It will keep track of all that you see, and
organize it any way you want.

Roger Olstad
Seattle (Lake Forest Park)

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Deborah Wisti-Peterson wrote:

> hello tweets
> i wrote a message to the entire tweeters list and instead it ended
> up in one person's private email box. dang, i hate it when i say
> something valuable and through a simple error on my part, my brilliance
> is not seen and appreciated by one and all.
> as i had said, thayer's birding software is not designed to be used
> on a mac, or at least the earlier versions were not. this means that
> the three tweeters subscribers who use a mac will be sorely disappointed
> when they find a gift under the tree, unwrap the paper to discover
> their hearts' desire: thayer birding software! after they find that it is
> not "mac happy" software, they will cry big alligator tears, knowing
> that the nearest PC store is CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS so they can't go out
> to buy a PC to run the software!
> sorta like buying a kid a battery-run toy but no batteries. such
> exquisite agony, dare we repeat it in our adult lives?
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