Subject: 'new' yard bird
Date: Dec 25 01:41:17 1998
From: Pterodroma at - Pterodroma at

Well, Merry Christmas to me!! :-)) It wasn't a Brambling or a Siberian
Accentor, but I just got my winter feeding stations set up and functioning
only yesterday, and just in the nick of time for the short lived round of
Seattle snow. And then early this morning, who would be one of the first
birds to come hoping down the sidewalk outside the kitchen window but a tan
morph WHITE-THROATED SPARROW. I then casually saw him off and on all day.
Going on six years now at this residence tucked away back up against a small
stream and narrow greenbelt of Douglas Fir, the species list has climbed to
66. Not too bad I guess since I'm seldom even here at all for more than 4
months out of the year. Anyway, the White-throated Sparrow is the best bird
to ever show up here so far (I have vivid imaginations of spotting a Brambling
and/or Siberian Accentor here some day... year... century... millineum). Of
course this meant an urgent rush to the local bird feed store to stock up on
white millet. Got to keep this guy around, if not for the winter, at least
for the ELWAS CBC on Sunday. By one block, this Eastgate (Bellevue) location
falls inside the count circle.

Richard Rowlett (Pterodroma at
47.56N, 122.13W
(Seattle/Bellevue, WA, USA)