Subject: Re: (Fwd) Re: Audubon Clock
Date: Dec 27 22:42:18 1998
From: ravenn at - ravenn at

To reset the clock so it will sing correctly on the hour you must:

Take out the batteries
Set the clock to 12:50
Put the batteries back into the clock
Turn the dial on the back clockwise until you come to the correct time.

Yvonne Bombardier
Everett Wa
ravenn at

Jane Westervelt wrote:
> > I have had one of the original clocks for some time and all went well until
> > I changed the batteries (and the hands!) - now every bird on the clock
> > sings someone else's song!! It is even more of a conversation piece now.
> Diane & others
> My clock came that way, but it also has a button on the back to
> advance the songs only, so you can reset the songs to the correct
> bird. Mine isn't from the Audubon society, but I think they would
> have such a button too.
> jw
> Jane Westervelt
> Steve Kalloger
> Moscow, ID