Subject: Re: Sauvie Island C.B.C.-Washington Side
Date: Dec 28 21:36:48 1998
From: Wilson E Cady - gorgebirds at

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998 11:28:46 -0800 Don Baccus <dhogaza at>

>Counters on Sauvie itself made the front page (!) of The Oregonian,
>under the story headed "Endangered Species Act In Danger Itself" or
>(I forget the exact headline). I recognized Ray Korpi and Mary Ann
>Sohlstrom despite their raingear, but not the other two, not
>as the caption made it clear I don't know them. Nice! Any Seattle
>make the front page of your dailies, eh? [nah nah nah :)]
Yes, the Washington papers did recognize the Sauvie Island C.B.C. The
"Columbian" (the Clark County newspaper) also ran a front page article
with photos of three Vancouver Audubon members, Carol Peterson, Sue
Kusch, and Bill Feddeler. The article on the Endangered Species Act ran a
few days ago on this side of the river, glad we don't have to rely on
Oregon for all of our news, just for television.
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