Subject: ailing sapsucker
Date: Dec 30 11:03:43 1998
From: "Li, Kevin" - Kevin.Li at METROKC.GOV

During last week's cold spell my partner Kris Baker found a red breasted
sapsucker sitting on a busy sidewalk in downtown Ballard, amid the holiday
shoppers. She picked it up, put it under her coat, and walked home to call
HOWL. While she was on the phone trying to write, the bird wriggled free and
flew around the room for a bit, and pecked at the wallpaper and molding. It
was lively enough so that she released it upon catching it again, and she
also had fears about the consequences of additional handling stress on the
bird. Cold weather obviously takes its toll on wildlife, but she wanted to
help this particular bird that was so readily accessible.
Any similar tales during the recent sold snap? Any suggestions for sidewalk
assistance for sapsuckers, moral and ethical debates aside? A hot cup of
tree sap?

Kevin Li