Subject: Bird of the Year award
Date: Jan 1 19:49:38 2000
From: Laurinda Anglin - RindaA at

Gosh, I can only have ONE??

Hmm . . . .

I think my favorite "foreign" bird for 1999 was a beautiful singing male
Northern Parula seen at High Island last April. He was a very cooperative
bird and we got GREAT looks at him. (OK, OK, Texas isn't a foreign country
BUT it's so far away - and they DO talk differently - it feels almost
foreign to me!)

My favorite "native" (that would be Washington) bird was the long hoped for
Tufted Puffin seen at Point Grenville during the Grays Harbor Shorebird

Mountlake Terrace, WA
(just north of Seattle)
RindaA at