Subject: Bird of the Year
Date: Jan 1 20:00:08 2000
From: Eugene Kridler - ekridler at

You tell them, Michelle. Confine it to American birds. Right on.

I could say I've seen the Nihoa Finch, the Nihoa Millerbird, the Laysan
Teal and the Laysan Finch which most people will never get a chance to
see unless they're a ornithologist on a permitted research project which
would qualify as being for the betterment of the species. Oh, yes, they
are Hawaiian birds, and believe it or not, Hawaii is a State along with
the other Forty-nine.

When picking up visiting firemen and other visitors at the Honolulu
airport, quite a few times I've heard people deplaning and asking
questions like, "Is American money any good here or do they speak
English here."

For that matter, I've seen three species of birds which are now extinct.
No amount of travel or dollars would bring them back. Two were also
Hawaiian species. The other from a Commonwealth of the U.S..

Gene Kridler
951 E. Oak St.
Squirm, Wa.