Subject: Bird of the Year award
Date: Jan 1 20:15:22 2000
From: Sgd24 at - Sgd24 at

Despite all of the great birds that I chased this fall my best bird had to be
a Eurasian Shorebird seen at Ocean Shores in October. No, its NOT the
Eurasian Dotterel (though that was a treat). It was finding my own
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper after years of chasing other people's birds with no
luck. Hope everybody had a great new years day birding. I'm beginning to
wonder if I'm in Western Washington: I've done 3 Christmas bird Counts so far
this season in Western Washington and NO RAIN on any count (at least in my
area)! Here's hoping that trend continues for tomorrow.

Scott Downes
sgd24 at
Seattle WA

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