Subject: Y2K #001 - NORTHERN HAWK OWL
Date: Jan 2 02:50:14 2000
From: Jim McCoy - jfmccoy at

Congratulations, Richard! This is a terrific story. I had
contemplated sending out a message asking after people's
millennium birds, but never got around to it. I was mildly
pleased to hear and subsequently see a flicker for my first,
instead of the crow I was expecting, especially since it was
one of my first favorites as a child. I knew somebody out
there could surely do better than that, but I didn't dream
anyone would come up with something so good as a northern
hawk owl! If you could live long enough, you'd still be
bragging about this one at the next millennium. ;)

So, OK, anybody else out there have a good first bird for the
new millennium? We'll have to concede the "#1 #1" to Richard,
but let's have some honorable mentions...

Jim McCoy
jfmccoy at
Redmond, WA