Date: Jan 2 08:20:31 2000
From: Ruth Sullivan - godwit at

Hello Tweeters,
Happy New year to all!!!!
Yes we did endless counting on the Kitsap CBC.
It was dark when i leftmy home in Tacoma, otherwise my Anna's Hummingbird
would have been the first bird for the 2000 Century.We started in
Manchester , so at eight it was a simple single ROBIN what was my first
bird at 7.45 AM.Since Robin are almost disappearing in my yard, i give much
looks at this birds when i see them in other places. And to all to know ,
we had verry few Robin's in our count area, i think we had more Townsend's
Warblers 25, than Robins.So my Bird is the Robin, we taken this bird so
much for granted
Now counting all the Waterfowl in the 1000 nds was something out. Counting
for ever.I dont have the list since we this for the first time was helping
in this count what was so much fun and so exiting to see that many birds
all day. For instance on one spot we had 18 Blue Herron's standing together
in the water (unbelivable)
Patrick was owling in Machester Park at 2.30 to 7.00AM in the morning and
came up with 3 species of Owls:Great -horned Owl, Barred Owl, and the
little Northern Saw-whet Owl.
And again we had a first year Glaucous Gull and a Clarks Grebe in Port
Orchard among hundert's of Western Grebes.Only Patick's sharp eyes could
find such bird, but we all saw this bird in the LEICA SCOPE, infact this
birds was not so far out to get great looks. All together we came up with
87 species in our area with 4 birders counting.The weather was great all
day,and so the good food at the Pot luck. Great Day to get in to Y2K!!!!

Ruth Sullivan
godwit at