Subject: light morph Red-tail Hawk
Date: Jan 2 10:03:18 2000
From: Rob Saecker - rsaecker at


geographically speaking, Harlan's is much more likely here than Krider's.
But the photos Jerry has posted don't, in my opinion, provide enough detail
to make a definitive call. Nice photos of a beautiful bird, though.

At 9:55 PM -0800 1/1/00, Dennis K Rockwell wrote:
>Jerry Converse has posted some nice photos of a light colored Red-tail
>Hawk on the WEB at:
>I understand that it's been suggested that this particular bird MIGHT be
>a very rare light morph "Harlan's" Red-tail Hawk, however when I look at
>these pictures I think it looks very much like an adult "Krider's"
>Red-tail Hawk that is once again spending it's winter in East Kennewick.
>Are these pictures adequate to furnish difinitiive evidence to settle the
>question one way or the other?
>Dennis K Rockwell, Kennewick, Washington denniskrockwell at

Rob Saecker
Olympia, WA
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