Subject: Y2K #001 - NORTHERN HAWK OWL
Date: Jan 2 12:49:42 2000
From: Jim McCoy - jfmccoy at

Yes, everybody *does* understand the technical point, but hey,
vox populi has spoken pretty clearly here.

Our system of time reckoning is completely arbitrary anyway,
and there's nothing magical about the number of laps the earth
has taken around the sun since we started counting -- other
cultures started counting at different times.

No, what's really interesting is simply that leading digit in
front of the year, and it now says "2" instead of "1". You're
welcome to wait a year for your millennium, but ours started

Jim McCoy
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Redmond, WA

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Subject: Re: Y2K #001 - NORTHERN HAWK OWL

Does everybody understand that the "new millennium" will not begin until
January of 2001? Sorry if it hurts any feelings, but the century/millennium
didn't change yet.

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> Congratulations, Richard! This is a terrific story. I had
> contemplated sending out a message asking after people's
> millennium birds, but never got around to it. I was mildly
> pleased to hear and subsequently see a flicker for my first,
> instead of the crow I was expecting, especially since it was
> one of my first favorites as a child. I knew somebody out
> there could surely do better than that, but I didn't dream
> anyone would come up with something so good as a northern
> hawk owl! If you could live long enough, you'd still be
> bragging about this one at the next millennium. ;)
> So, OK, anybody else out there have a good first bird for the
> new millennium? We'll have to concede the "#1 #1" to Richard,
> but let's have some honorable mentions...
> Jim McCoy
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> Redmond, WA