Subject: Northern Hawk Owl ( Monday, 01/03/00)
Date: Jan 4 20:55:51 2000
From: Mangold & Dittes - Mangold_Dittes at

Greetings Tweeters

Monday morning north of Chelan, just as advertised on Purtteman Gulch Road,
the NORTHERN HAWK OWL made it's morning appearance about the 7:45 time
frame. It was spotted in the orchard on the left side of the road as you
drive up the gulch. The power pole with the transformers was the point at
which it was spotted. It was observed there for about ten minutes before it
made a morning run to the store for a rodent wake-me-up. The kill was taken
to a pine to the right and just off the road. After allowing the vintage
rodent time to properly age (about 5 minutes) the meal begain with the
removal and consumption of the head followed by the two forelimbs and chest
cavity. The abdomen and hind quarters was the final gulp. Three swallows
and rodent gone. It made it look so easy, I wanted to try breakfast myself.

After breakfast I returned with my wife to show her the prize, but to no
avail. We meet two other birders during the second visit, I do not know if
they spotted the bird, we left the area before they did.

On the way out we swung through Manson and on the way there we saw a covey
of quail that was in excess of 100 individuals, by far the largest covey I
have ever seen. We were graced by 3 American Kestrel, 2 Rough Legged Hawks,
1 Golden Eagle and many Red Tailed Hawks on the drive back to Seattle. The
snow was nice to look at and nice to leave. All in all, not a bad way to
start the new year.

Good Birding
Al Mangold

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